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Goins Waste Oil Company is your service provider for the removal and disposal of used oil, used oil filters, used antifreeze,and waste water.We also provide a vacuum service for oily sludge, and oil/water separator clean outs.  Goins Waste Oil is a family owned and operated business.  Goins Waste Oil is a Christian based company and believes their business has continued to grow because of Gods grace and good loyal customers.  Goins Waste Oil recycles the used oil by processing and filtering it into a clean burner fuel. Our customers can be certain that all services provided are handled environmentally safe and properly according to state, federal and local regulations.

Due to the Oil Market Decline in the Fall of 2014, We are no longer purchasing oil from customers. Under most circumstances you will not be charged for a standard pick up if the amount is 200 gallon or more. Please contact our office at (423) 867-2216 for all information regarding a pick up and possible charges.

To provide you with the best possible service, we ask that you please contact us 5-7 days prior to needing a service or pickup. We appreciate your business and guarantee that you are 100% satisfied

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